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FINE: Freaking out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional
-The Italian Job

Levi: high school student, basketball player, Chase's best friend, openly gay.

Nate: high school student, football receiver, Jordan's best friend, deeply closeted.

Everyone thought that basketball players and football players couldn't get along. That was before the basketball team captain and quarterback both discovered that they did not, in fact, hate each other and started dating.

Levi and Nate never hated each other. They didn't really have the option to; they had to work together to keep Chase and Jordan from getting into fights. But that's not a problem anymore, and they're suddenly spending more time together than they ever have. Their best friends insist that they like each other, and they might not be wrong... but no story is without complications.

It's fine. Everything is completely fine.